Every leave under control

Myleavedays.com is a user-friendly leave management system for recording e.g. annual leave, compulsory leave days, public holidays, ADV days (days off granted due to a reduction in working hours) compensatory time off (due to e.g. overtime), age-related days off, etc.

This internet-based application offers far more than other conventional leave management systems. Myleavedays.com is an affordable, easy and fun way to increase the efficiency of managing and recording leave within your organisation.

A quick look at the benefits


Accessible from anywhere in the world
Users with an internet connection can request, register and manage their leave from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Clear and transparent reports
Multiple (graphical) leave overviews with a range of filter options at department/group and/or users level.

Automatic control of entered data
On the basis of the available budget and systems, the system automatically checks whether the entered details are correct. This delivers reliable requests and avoids unnecessary frustration.

Secure environment
The data is sent and stored in a secure environment. The system operates in a secure (SSL) environment.

5 daily back-ups for guaranteed data security. The data is encrypted for added peace of mind. We will take care of things.

Free helpdesk support
Extensive free helpdesk support for all users. Our helpdesk professionals are on hand during office hours to answer any query you may have.

Import and export options with other systems
Myleavedays.com offers various ways to import your data from other systems. It is also possible to export overviews to Excel.

Compatible with most browsers
MyLeaveDays.com can operate under virtually every browser. This extremely flexible application even allows users to request leave via their tablet or mobile phone.

Available in Dutch and English
Myleavedays.com is available in Dutch and English.

Leave requests processed by e-mail
All requests are submitted and processed automatically via email. This ensures that requests are processed quickly and transparently.

Different timetables can be created, depending on the user
Different timetables can be created in a year per user. This flexible system is ideal for a wide range of organisations, even complex organisations.

Data can be filtered by department / location / group
MyLeaveDays.com allows you to filter overviews by location/department and/or group.

Real-time data processing
Up-to-date leave overview of individual employees or locations/groups.

  For Mobile and tablet
  Suitable for tablets and available as a mobile App.

  Dynamic budget
  The possibility to create several and flexible budgets with different periods.

  Absence module
  Ilness registration with the optional absence module.